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What Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Look For In A Jury?

It may be the most tense and important situation in your life. You have been arrested. You are being charged with a crime. You are sitting behind bars. You are going to trial. You have selected a good criminal defense attorney and have your best shot at a normal life.

You have selected your criminal defense lawyer very carefully. He or she has a good trial record and a good settlement record. He or she knows your case inside and out. You are going to trial, and the court room is now being used to audition potential jurors. This can make or break your case. The people who will be on that juror’s bench will decide the fate of the rest of your life. Will you go to jail? Are you Guilty? Will you lose your job? Will your house be foreclosed on?

A trial is a huge disruption to your life and your criminal defense attorney owes you your best shot. He begins jury selection, and the big question on every one’s mind is what does a Criminal Defense Attorney Look for in a Jury?

A trial criminal defense attorney will look for many things when questioning a juror. Have they any experience with the type of crime before. If you are on trial for selling drug, and a juror’s brother was killed by a drug dealer in the past, the lawyer will dismiss that juror. What your lawyer was and is looking for is either impartial or sympathetic to your cause jurors.

The trick to the selection process is that the other side is also looking for the same thing. Each side can only dismiss so many jurors, so it is a tense situation. A criminal defense attorney will know how to get you the best jury possible. They know what questions to ask and they know what is or is not suspect in behavior or reaction.

They are also looking for people that do not know anything about the case. Someone who has not seen or heard any news reports or supposed facts of the case has a better chance of being objective. Someone who has seen some news on the case, may have already formed an opinion and cannot be trusted to be objective.

All in all it is a mind bending and complicated process to select a proper jury. The system is fair and balanced as too afford equality and objectivity, and the system has worked for over two hundred years. A criminal defense attorney works with in that system to afford you every available opportunity to be proven innocent. It is your right as a human and an American to have a trial by fair and impartial jury.

What Will A DUI Attorney In Los Angeles, CA Do To Reduce My Sentence?

A DUI attorney in Los Angeles, CA can take several approaches to reducing any sentence that you may be given for a DUI conviction. The circumstances of every case are different so the approach must be tailored to the specifics of your case and the events that caused your arrest. You must remember that being charged with an offense does not mean you are guilty.

The first thing an experienced and successful DUI attorney in Los Angeles, CA will do to reduce your sentence is research the incident. This research includes reading all the police reports, obtaining the blood alcohol test records, talking to the police officers involved in the arrest, and checking any film of your arrest that was taken by the police. Your criminal record will also be a necessity for your attorney.

Your sentence can be reduced if the police failed to follow the exact procedure as dictated by law. If the film of your arrest does not show any probable cause for stopping you then your case can be dismissed. Many times the record of your blood alcohol content cannot be found. This means the courts have no evidence that corroborates the police person’s suspicion that you were intoxicated.

A DUI attorney in Los Angeles, CA interview with the arresting officer can bring out differences in the verbal report and the written report. This discrepancy can lead to the charges being dismissed. The potential for dismissal lies in your attorney’s skill as an inquisitor and his knowledge of the previous behavior of the arresting officer.

If no evidence can be found for dismissal of your case due to improper procedure or the lack of evidence your DUI attorney in Los Angeles, CA can negotiate a plea with the District Attorney for a reduced sentence.

The possibilities for a reduced sentence depend on the circumstances of the arrest, additional charges like speeding that is involved with the arrest, and your attorney’s acquaintance with the DA and their skill in negotiation.

In a majority of cases your DUI attorney in Los Angeles, CA can get the DUI charge reduced to a charge of reckless driving. California law defines two types of reckless driving – wet and dry.

Wet reckless driving means alcohol was involved in your arrest. A wet reckless driving conviction means you probably will not spend any more time in jail that you already have, you will pay lower fines, and you will not forfeit your license or have to go to driver’s education classes. Your lawyer may not be able to negotiate this deal if you have a long history of DUI convictions.

A dry reckless driving plea means that no alcohol was involved in the arrest. Pleading guilty to a dry reckless driving charge will not create a criminal or driving record for you, can prevent your automobile insurance from increasing, and adds points to your driving license record. As long as you do not have any more encounters with the police your points will drop off in time.

A DUI attorney in Los Angeles, CA has several weapons to reduce your sentence in a DUI case. These can be complete dismissal or a negotiated plea to a lesser charge that has lower penalties. The success of the entire negotiation depends on the fact finding skills and negotiating ability of your lawyer.

Where Does A DUI Attorney In Los Angeles Visit Me?

Clients who have been arrested for DUI have a variety of issues to worry about. Between wondering about the status of their driver’s license, their ability to continue to make a living and the potential loss of freedom, there are more than enough worries to go around. One of these worries should not be about where your DUI attorney in Los Angeles is able to visit you.

A quality DUI attorney in Los Angeles should have no qualms about where they are willing to visit you. It is impossible to build a credible case without being able to speak in person and if an attorney is not willing to visit you, whether it is in jail, the hospital, or your home if you are on house arrest, then they are not someone you should consider hiring.

When you spend your hard earned money on a DUI attorney in Los Angeles, you do knowing that they are capable of going above and beyond the call of duty. No matter what they have to do to stay in contact with you, they are able to do so, without adding any additional stress to an already trying situation.

One of the marks of a great attorney is their ability to remain in touch with you. In addition to regular in person visits, a DUI attorney in Los Angeles should also be returning your phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion. A lack of proper communication signals an attorney’s lack of willingness to put in the work necessary to keep you from a long prison stint or another serious punishment.

Phone calls and e-mails are great for minor questions and checking in, but there is no way for an attorney to build a case that will hold up in court unless they visit you. If you are being held in jail or sentenced to house arrest prior to your trial, there may be rules and regulations that have to be followed.

Citizens who are placed under house arrest are typically only allowed to visit with their legal representative for a preordained period of time. The same holds true for clients who are currently incarcerated. There are designated meeting areas and meeting times in every prison and it is up to the attorney to make the time for their client.

Simply put, a DUI attorney in Los Angeles should be able to visit you no matter where you are, within reason, of course. When you pay for the best legal service, you are entitled to receive it, even if your current location is a little bit off the beaten path. If a DUI attorney is unable or unwilling to visit you, then that is your cue to hire a better one.

What Good Is A Los Angeles, CA DUI Attorney If I Was Driving Under The Influence?

A person who was arrested for driving under the influence and knows that that there is no doubt they were driving impaired may feel like there is no point to hiring a Los Angeles, CA DUI attorney. Might as well just plead guilty and move on with life, right?

Wrong. Even if you were driving under the influence, a Los Angeles, CA DUI attorney is still a worthwhile investment and no one should ever simply plead guilty. A guilty plea can have serious consequences on your future ability to operate a motor vehicle, obtain gainful employment and can put your freedom at risk.

For instance, let’s say you were driving under the influence, then you’re pulled over and arrested. If it is your first offense, then simply pleading guilty could lead to you receiving a much harsher punishment than you would have had you maintained a legal representative.

A Los Angeles, CA DUI attorney takes pride in fighting for the rights of their clients. If you are not a violent criminal, with no priors on your record, a DUI attorney can use this knowledge to demonstrate to the judge and prosecution that you are a good person who simply made one mistake.

There are also a variety of technicalities that an experienced Los Angeles, CA DUI attorney can use to swing the case back into your favor. The police officer who arrested you might not have any probable cause to pull you over because your driving was not erratic in any way.

When your blood alcohol content was tested, the police station’s testing equipment could have been faulty, leading to a reading that was erroneously high. A police station must have up to date records proving that their equipment is regularly tested and calibrated. If it is not, the case may be dropped.

The lab that your testing materials were sent to could also suffer from a lack of maintenance. If it can be proven that your test was mishandled in any way, this could very well lead to an acquittal for you.

The occurrence of a Drunk driving arrest often signifies of a larger problem. Your Los Angeles, CA DUI attorney can successfully argue that you are in need of rehabilitation, as opposed to a much stricter punishment. This could lead to you receiving a sentence that is based on your attendance of treatment, rather than prison.

Even if you were driving under the influence, don’t hesitate to call a Los Angeles, CA DUI attorney so that they can investigate your case and build a plausible defense for you. Simply sitting down and submitting a guilty plea is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and the presence of your attorney ensures that will not happen.

At The Arraignment – How DUI Attorneys Can Help

When you are charged with a DUI, most people find it helpful to hire a lawyer since many people who have been charged have never been to court before and are unaware about how to proceed. An attorney can help with all stages of the case, including the arraignment. The arraignment takes place after the arrest, booking and bail stages of the process. At the arraignment, the criminal court judge will read the criminal charges against the person, called the “defendant.” At this stage, the judge will ask if the defendant needs an attorney or the assistance of a court-appointed attorney. Then the defendant will be asked for a plea: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The judge will decide if the bail amount needs to be changed or if the defendant can be released on their own recognizance. Finally, dates for future case proceedings like the preliminary hearing, pre-trial motion and trial will be announced.

A good DUI attorney will assist you in preparing for this hearing. In addition, they can decide what the best strategies are for your case in order to increase the odds of a successful outcome. To do this, the lawyer will help you become familiar with the arraignment process. The DUI attorneys will also help you decide what plea you want to enter; if you plead guilty, you will probably be sentenced at this time and no further court proceedings will be needed. If you plead not guilty, however, a date will be set for the future preliminary hearing, pre-trial motions, and the trial itself. This is why having a competent lawyer who will help you at the arraignment is crucial as a DUI conviction will go on your criminal record and could be seen by future employers and landlords. A lawyer can also help during the arraignment with documentation. Copies of police reports and any other documentation related the case, blood tests or lab reports, for example, will be given to the lawyer. An experienced attorney who is used to defending DUI cases can evaluate all this evidence and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Discussing your plea options with DUI attorneys before your arraignment may help you build a defense to challenge the charges; the lawyer may also be able to get the charges reduced or dropped all together.

It is in your best interests to hire DUI attorneys before you arraignment. Most DUI attorneys charge a flat fee, so it will cost the same whether you hire them before or after the arraignment, It seems clear, however, that it is advantageous to have a lawyer before you attend the arraignment or enter a plea; they may save you not only time and money, but also a conviction.